Photos by Michael McDermott

 I have been so blessed having the opportunity  to spend my entire life (except my first four years) here in the Eastern Sierra, growing up along the South Fork of Bishop Creek,  Bishop Creek Lodge to be exact. I discovered a love for landscape photography and eventually I thought why not keep a landscape mentality and transition to portrait work. You can certainly find many other photographers in this area, but I challenge you to try a find a difference in their styles, they are talented for sure and no disrespect at all, but it's pretty hard to find a unique style among them. I learned on my own and developed my own style, not someone else's. I did this through a lot of trial and error and experiencing many failures, but learning from mistakes, hard work, and dedication pays off big time! You'll find my work consists mostly of seniors, teens, and outdoor enthusiasts. I chose this type of photography because of one thing. It's fun! I love to get creative, and I have found that working with young people and athletes the opportunities to do so are countless. I'm a very laid back person and love to have fun while being a bit on the adventurous side as well. So if you are wanting to get creative and have fun for your portraits then I'm your guy to connect with. I also will do small weddings and family portraits as well (contact me for information on those two). I promise the photos we capture you will cherish for a lifetime.